Have Your Ear Chewed Off with Engines Orchestra


Our friends, Engines Orchestra, are always looking for new projects and keeping their collective ear to the ground for exciting new things. Their latest concert series launches in London on September 20th and if you’re nearby, you should definitely drop by.

Chew Your Ear Off bridges the gap between audience and artist by featuring Q+As, demonstrations and discussions with some incredibly interesting creative musicians. They’ve got Mike Flynn (Jazzwise) on board to present and their first event features Laura Jurd & Elliot Galvin plus Gregor Riddell & Adam Teixeira.

Ways to connect audiences with artists is something Apollo is passionate about and it’s great to see events like this popping up. The classical world have long since worked this out and pre-concert talks are very popular. To hear a creative practitioner discuss their own work and processes is far more interesting than to read a critic’s take on it. Plus, if numbers are good for the first event, this could be a monthly happening.

The details: It’s going to be held at the Proud Archivist (NE1 5EH) which is a 5 min walk from Haggerston overground station. Doors open at 3.30pm for a 4.00pm start and tickets cost £12 with a house drink or £10 witout, £6 for concessions and under 16s.