About Us


Who Are We?

We are a not-for-profit organisation focused on strengthening the jazz scene through performance and touring opportunities for musicians on both sides of the Atlantic.

Central to our work is the idea of community and the belief that musicians, promoters and audiences all have an important part to play in building a vibrant, sustainable jazz scene.


What Do We Do?


Our flagship programme is our work providing touring opportunities for jazz musicians.

Apollo works on groups’ behalf liaising with venues to schedule gigs, providing marketing materials and promotion for the tour, organising media coverage and helping to submit funding applications to financially support activities if necessary.



Our artistic development work seeks to provide opportunities for musicians to work with new musicians and have a platform to perform original material.

Apollo Connect: Apollo will bring together a group of musicians who haven’t previously worked together, all of whom write and perform. A day of rehearsal is organised, culminating in an evening performance. These one-off events give musicians a chance to broaden their network of collaborators and gives promoters and audiences a chance to experience a one-off project of original, live music.

Transatlantic Exchanges: International exposure and creative opportunities art an important part of an artist’s development and we are passionate about supporting musicians to build an international reputation. We work hard to link up with like-minded musicians across the Atlantic and build tours and collaborative projects.


One of Apollo’s unique strengths are the broad range of skills within our team. Our experience of working as musicians internationally, running tours, running venues and programming gigs, success in arts funding and work in education means we can provide tailored advice to musicians, promoters and industry professionals.

Our ever-growing network means we can connect people and help with specific projects or with your work as a whole.

How To Get Involved

We are always looking to grow our network and welcome new individuals and organisations.

We have no criteria dictating genre and workload; our priority is to create a network of people who share our vision of a strong jazz community and our belief that being generous with time and knowledge to help others will have a positive impact on jazz.

Want to be involved one of our projects listed above or have an idea or question we haven’t covered? Get in touch!




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