Fold – a new hub for the jazz community in Leeds

Space at Savile and Chrome

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working with James Hamilton to put together a bid for some money to help kickstart an interesting new organisation in Leeds called Fold.

A recording studio in Leeds became available for rent recently and some jazz musicians put up the cash to rent it for a few months. It’s a lovely space complete with full recording equipment and a grand piano so aside from anything else, it’s great that these musicians took the initiative to snap it up for the jazz community – we all know how vital it is for creative musicians to have affordable access to rehearsal and studio space, especially in those first few years out of college.

Fold was put together to see how the space could best be put to use. James Hamilton, a Northern Irish dynamo of activity (an award-winning jazz composer, trumpet player in Hope & Social, owner of New Jazz Records…) has put a team of people to produce a programme of work that supports the whole scene (there’ll be live gigs, workshops, albums being recorded all to come) with a focus on original material and early career professionals.

A funding bid has been submitted and we wait with our fingers crossed, but in the mean-time the space is currently available to use –

  • rehearsal space
  • recording space (either with an engineer or bring your own)
  • a place to run workshops from

All of the above are offered at very affordable rates. And you can arrange to visit and have a look around the space too (It’s located on Savile Mount, Chapeltown.)

It’s all very inspiring and Apollo are delighted to be a part of it. More news soon!


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