RPE Duo’s New Album & Jillion Campaign


Many of you will remember trumpeter Matt Postle from the Fat Face Trio UK tour last summer.  Well, RPE Duo is another of his projects, a collaboration with Polish sound artist Radek Rudnicki (who does extraordinary things with Space F!ght, by the way and you should definitely check them out).  RPE Duo have toured in the UK, Europe and the USA, collaborated on data sonification with NASA, performed at Dave Douglas’s FONT festival…basically, a ton of cool stuff.

They are now making a new album and have set up a crowd-funding campaign on an interesting new platform, Jillion.  This website raises funds for projects by auctioning stuff and you can participate either by donating an item (in return you will receive a copy of the album as a thank you) or by purchasing one of the items at auction).  Currently, RPE Duo’s auction includes

  • A weekend in Krakow
  • A Monette mouthpiece of your choice
  • Bass lessons
  • An aromatherapy massage
  • Some delicious edible items like vegan cinnamon rolls, homemade ravioli and fruit cake

This platform to raise funds seems interesting and a more open way to fundraise than Kickstarter or Indiegogo. People who can’t donate cold hard cash are able to support the project by donating items or services.

Anyway, RPE Duo plan to raise $2,000 and have until November 2nd to do so. Below is a short video with more information on the campaign. Good luck, guys!


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