New International Partnership: MUKO, Sweden

1150206_351294075000567_1935470910_n.pngApollo are excited to reveal their newest international partnership with MUKO Collective in Sweden.

The two organisations will work together to develop exchange programmes between jazz musicians from the UK and Sweden, with their inaugural project taking place in 2015.

It’s always exciting to connect with organisations and individuals who share your passion and ambition. MUKO do great work in Sweden and have built up international connections to facilitate exchanges and performance opportunities in places like Canada, Poland and more. We’re honoured to become a part of that network and look forward to doing great work together in the coming year.

For more information about MUKO, you can visit their website or follow them on twitter – @MuKoSweden

LOCUS UK Tour: November 2014

Apollo are delighted to announce the Autumn dates for LOCUS which will take place in November of this year.

LOCUS embarked on a hugely successful UK tour last July, playing to audiences at Edinburgh and Manchester Jazz Festivals as well as venues in Leeds, London and Brighton. Since then, saxophonist Riley Stone-Lonergan and trumpeter Kim Macari have traveled to NYC to join alto saxophonist Leah Gough-Cooper, recording new original material at Tedesco Studios with three wonderful guest musicians; Dave Drake on piano, David Andrew Moore on drums and Peter Brendler on double bass.

In October, Riley and Kim will return to NYC to prepare new material with Leah for the upcoming dates which this time will feature compositions from all three front-line members. Their five dates will span the length of the UK and will conclude at the internationally renowned EFG London Jazz Festival.

“I’m incredibly excited for these November dates. We got great feedback from audiences last time around and it’s a very exciting group to be a part of. New music and new venues plus the prospect of an EP being released; we’re going in the right direction and I can’t wait to play again.” – Kim Macari, trumpet/co-leader

The inception of LOCUS in 2012, as a project to birth brand new music globally and begin the growth of a collaborating platform for some of the UK’s up-and-coming musicians, wouldn’t have been possible without the support of an internationally forward-looking enterprise as Apollo. Performing and working with musicians such as Kim, Riley and members of LOCUS, is a joy not only because their musical stylings are rich and diverse individually but it has brought about the incredibly important factor of community to the table (and an inclusive one at that). Our November tour will be an exciting prelude to 2015 and beyond, and October’s NYC-based workshopping where the compositional magic happens…! Leah Gough-Cooper, alto/co-leader

In the run-up to the tour, Apollo will be posting content from the band; blog posts, snippets of new material, vlogs etc so stay tuned for more information. For now, here are the dates:

November 7th – JATP, Bradford

November 12th – The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh (Bridge Music)

November 13th – Art Club, Glasgow (Bridge Music)

November 15th – HEART, Leeds

November 16th – Front Room, Southbank Centre (EFG London Jazz Festival)


LOCUS is –

Kim Macari (trumpet)

Leah Gough-Cooper (alto)

Riley Stone-Lonergan (tenor)

Sam Leak (piano)

Tom Wheatley (bass)

Jay Davis (drums)