Phil Meadows’ Engines Orchestra

ImageWe were recently invited to an open rehearsal of the Engines Orchestra, a large ensemble project run by our good friend Phil Meadows. Although we aren’t able to make it on July 1st, we wanted to share information about this great project that we’ve been following since Phil won the Peter Whittingham Award back in December.

The Engines Orchestra is a new cross-genre orchestra open for collaboration supported by Help Musicians UK and Arts Council England. We work with artists on large-scale projects and provide performance platforms for chamber and smaller ensembles. As a community of musicians who have come together to challenge conventions and develop audiences for new music we allow everyone from top professionals to keen amateurs to get involved through our range of outreach (educational and peformance) but have a flexible professional orchestra as our flagship. Having received the Peter Whittingham Award in 2013, ‘Lifelines’ is our first project and combines a 20-piece orchestra with the Phil Meadows Group (featuring Laura Jurd,Elliot Galvin, Conor Chaplin and Simon Roth). This project is shaping up to be both incredibly different and very exciting.

Phil’s focus on community and building something which reaches lots of musicians and audiences is something which really connects with what we try to do with Apollo.

The group will be announcing their launch soon and we urge you all to go and see what it’s all about; big things are in store…

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