Artist Spotlight: Ken Avis

ImageWashington DC’s Veronneau will be touring the UK in July with Apollo. Here we take a look at some of the work our musicians and groups are doing…

In collaboration with Strathmore Performing Arts Center, Veronneau’s Ken Avis was awarded a prestigious National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Award to work on the Jazz Samba project, a series of events celebrating Jazz Samba’s roots and the landmark Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd recording of Jazz Samba in1962 (recorded in Washington DC) which shone a spotlight on Brazilian influenced music in jazz and pop.

Between 30 May and 8 June, Strathmore Arts are hosting a range of events including performances by Sergio Mendes, Eliane Elias, Ron Kearns Quartet and more, a number of panel discussions, a full day of free music and workshops and the premiere of Ken’s documentary made with Bret Primack “Bossa Nova: The Music Which Seduced The World.”

Full information on these events can be found on the Strathmore Performing Arts Center website.

Apollo are thrilled to be bringing Veronneau to the UK in July. In addition to their gigs, we can also announce that the UK premiere of Bossa Nova: The Music Which Seduced The World will take place at HEART in Leeds on July 26th.

Visit Veronneau’s website for more information on the band.



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